Museum on the street inventories 1,000 elements

The project compiles objects identifying Catalan industrial society

The Museum on the street civic participatory project promoted by the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) has incorporated more than 1,000 elements since it was set up in November 2017, thanks to the participation of 165 collaborators. The project compiles photographs and information of the identifying elements of industrial society found in the streets and landscapes of Catalonia, such as old petrol and train stations, old advertising and traffic signposts, and decades-old and traditional businesses.

Participation in the project has spread throughout Catalonia, incorporating elements from all Catalan regions. The fields with the highest levels of participation have been the elements identifying public services and those of corporate and industrial activities. Many elements identifying delegations and representation in the form of insurance plaques on wall façades have also been added.

press-clock 4 October 2019