Montesa 250 Trial in the exhibition “Viva Montesa”

The Montesa 250 Trial was the first Montesa model designed exclusively for trials

The mNACTEC has added a new exhibit to the Pere Permanyer collection of Montesa motorbikes: the Montesa 250 Trial. The new motorbike, on loan from the Permanyer family —the founders of the Montesa marque—, is already on display in the “Viva Montesa” exhibition, as the centrepiece of the trial bikes section.

The Montesa 250 Trial was launched at the 1967 motor show, and was the first Montesa model designed exclusively for trials, the discipline that over the years has given the Catalan marque its best sporting results.

To produce the Montesa 250 Trial, the company made use of a number of components from other models, but also designed other new parts, such as the saddle, the exhaust pipe and the fuel tank. This pioneering model provided the basis for the subsequent development of the first legendary Montesa Cota 247, which won the Delta de Plata Industrial Design Award, and marked the start of a dynasty of trial bikes that has continued to the present day.

press-clock 29 July 2016