MNACTEC revamps its virtual tour

The new platform features a menu providing direct access to the museum's different exhibitions and areas

The National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC) has revamped its virtual tour around the museum's areas and exhibitions, with a new platform offering visitors more possibilities and functionality.

The new virtual itinerary, which runs on Google Street View technology, features a menu with 42 items providing direct access to the museum's different exhibitions and areas, along with information windows at 27 points of interest. Users can explore the whole of the MNACTEC at their leisure, with the option to display a window along the way showing their position on a map of the museum, take snapshots at points of interest during the tour, and share their virtual tour via social media and/or WhatsApp.

The virtual tour comprises 325 panoramic views made up of more than 3,900 high resolution photographs. It can be accessed via the Google search engine (photographic version), from the MNACTEC website itself, and through social media.

All the content of the virtual tour is available in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English). The virtual tour is accessible from any device with an Internet connection (computer, smartphone or tablet), and can be shared via any digital platform.

The MNACTEC also plans to launch the virtual tours of its sites at the Castellar de n’Hug Cement Museum and the Sedó Company Town Museum.

press-clock 29 April 2021