Launch of the educational project ‘MNACTEC en ruta’

The Museum's guides will be heading out to schools

The National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC) has started its "MNACTEC on the move" programme of educational activities, a new offering for the educational community through which the Museum's guides will head out to the schools of Catalonia themselves, rather than the students visiting the Museum.

The MNACTEC aims through this new programme to provide an initial response to schools' new educational needs during the current situation derived from Covid-19, and to offer a new format to deliver an understanding of science and technology to classrooms around Catalonia. The new offering of activities also allows schools to save time and money on travel.

The new educational activities form part of “MNACTEC on the move”, a project currently under construction through which the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia aims to reach beyond the traditional museum setting to get science and technology on the move all around Catalonia, with ideas for all types of audience: schools, families, adults, etc.


New activities

The "MNACTEC on the move" educational programme begins this academic year with the scheduling of three new activities: one for infant students, one for primary education and the third intended for secondary school students.

  • MNACTEC on the move: How do we dress?(infant and first cycle of primary education). The students will put together a 3D jigsaw of the museum to see what the building is like and what it could do in the past. They will then observe and handle textile fibres, sew items of clothing, and make modern fabrics with lights.
  • MNACTEC on the move: What is the goal of science?(intermediate and higher primary educational cycles). A range of experiments allow students to address the nature of the scientific method, formulating different hypotheses which they will then need to demonstrate through simple experiments.
  • MNACTEC on the move: Discovering the genius Leonardo da Vinci (secondary school). The students will discover what they know about Leonardo da Vinci and learn some curious facts about his outstanding creative output in the field of inventions, machines and technology. They will work in groups to explore how simple structures can be built, and end up with the whole class building a big dome.


press-clock 19 May 2021