Interactive photographs on the walls of the MNACTEC

The images are accompanied by QR codes, providing access to content via mobile devices

The Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC) has launched the first phase of the Walls of the MNACTEC project, initially featuring the installation on the outer walls of the Museum complex of three large photographs connected with the former industrial operations at the Vapor Aymerich, Amat i Jover factory that is home to the Museum in Terrassa. The walls have also been equipped with QR codes, allowing mobile devices to obtain information connected with the image on display, as well as the heritage and exhibits on show at the Museum.

Walls of the MNACTEC is a project promoted by the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia, and designed by the EDIP (Educational Image and Heritage Centre) of La Farinera CAVV, with the collaboration of the CITM/UPC (the Catalan Technical University's Image and Multimedia Technology Centre). This project focuses on a blended display of images, whether ancient, modern or in motion, projected onto buildings, in this case with the aim of highlighting and raising the profile of the industrial building that houses the MNACTEC, while also embellishing its surrounding context.

Two of the large-scale images have been positioned on Carrer Pau Claris, and the other on the corner of Pau Claris and Carrer Indústria. The images are old photographs of the Vapor Aymerich Amat i Jover depicting areas of the former factory in operation, with the textile production machinery of the era. The three images were printed by the Barcelona company EGM, while the Multimedia Technology and Image Centre of the UPC university in Terrassa contributed to the digitisation and optimisation process.



press-clock 15 January 2015