Inca Footwear Museum visits the MNACTEC network

Collaboration between the museum and the territorial structure of the MNACTEC will be analysed

A number of representatives of the Inca Footwear and Industry Museum  in Majorca will be visiting our museum and heritage sites between 26 and 29 May to discover at first hand the Territorial Structure of the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC). There are also plans to explore possible avenues for links and cooperation between the Footwear and Industry Museum and the MNACTEC Territorial Structure.

The Footwear and Industry Museum tells the story of shoe manufacturing and associated industries in Majorca, from the 13th century to the present day. Its exhibits include pre-industrial tools, industrial machinery, photographs, designs, a collection of antique shoes and contemporary footwear manufacturers, fashion magazines, advertising, artworks and curiosities connected with the world of shoes.

The Inca delegation was headed by representatives including the Director of the Inca Footwear and Industry Museum, Aina Ferrero Horrach, and Inca's Executive Councillor for Equality, Health and the Footwear Industry Museum, Antonia Maria Sabater Martorell.

The schedule planned for the delegation will include the following visits:

  • Wednesday 26 May: Visit to the Capellades Paper Mill Museum, the Igualada Leather Museum-Cal Granotes Tannery and the Colònia Sedó Industrial Museum in Esparreguera.
  • Thursday 27 May: Visit to the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia, conference on the Inca Footwear and Industry Museum project, and a visit to the Manresa Technology Museum.
  • Friday 28 May: Visit to the Cercs Mine Museum and the Museum of the River Ter (Manlleu).
  • Saturday 29 May: Visit to the Cork Museum of Catalonia (Palafrugell), meeting with representatives of the Association of Museologists of Catalonia, and visit to the Castelló d’Empúries Flour Mill Ecomuseum.

press-clock 25 May 2021