Exhibition “Catalonia, a country of inventions and innovation"

The exhibition presents 30 universal scientific and technological contributions which originated in Catalonia

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) has inaugurated the exhibition “Catalonia, a country of inventions and innovation. 30 universal scientific and technological contributions”. This exhibition will run until 31 May 2018 in the Made in Catalonia space in the Museum.

The exhibition, devised and set up by mNACTEC, shows how Catalonia has been the birthplace of numerous contributions worldwide in the fields of science and technology, contributions from Catalan creators, inventors and scientists whose inventiveness has revolutionised areas such as research, textile industry and medicine. The exhibition, which includes original objects from mNACTEC collections, presents 30  universal scientific and technological contributions invented on Catalan soil.

The two sections of the exhibition represent two major stages in history. The first is a collection of scientific and technological contributions from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution, while the second shows the advances, discoveries, studies and inventions from the Industrial Revolution to the present.

press-clock 13 July 2017