Combined ticket for FGC railways and cultural facilities in Terrassa

The ticket includes entrance to the MNACTEC and other landmarks

The tourism opportunities offered by the combined Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) railway tickets are extended from Friday 20 March onwards, with new options to visit and enjoy in the city of Terrassa. FGC, Terrassa City Council and the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC), through the Department of Culture of the Autonomous Regional Government of Catalonia, have signed a partnership agreement with the aim of working together on the promotion of a number of combined tickets intended both for the general public and schools, to promote access by rail to the various cultural facilities in Terrassa, and so increase the number of visitors and tourists to the city.

With these new combined tickets, railway users will have the chance to explore and discover a number of themed routes around the city: the Modernist Terrassa combined ticket includes visits to the Masia Freixa, the Casa Alegre de Sagrera and the MNACTEC; the Vallparadís Medieval combined ticket includes the Vallparadís Castle & Charterhouse and the Seu d’Ègara cathedral; and the Discover Terrassa combo, the MNACTEC and Seu d’Ègara.

The different combined tickets include return travel on the FGC railway as far as the cultural site, as well as entrance to the premises. The three routes have been adapted for school visits, at reduced rates.

By means of this agreement, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya will be including access to these premises in its catalogue of leisure products, will be promoting the initiative on its corporate website and on its own premises, and also providing its advertising platforms in accordance with the aims of the agreement. Meanwhile, Terrassa City Council and the MNACTEC will promote the combined ticket in all their guides, leaflets and tourism and social development platforms, and also recommend the combined tickets as a way of reaching museums and cultural facilities in all their promotional actions.

The new combined tickets form a part of the renewed leisure offerings being provided by FGC for its users, through collaboration with organisations and local councils within its catchment area, providing travellers with the chance to enjoy access to a wide range of centres of tourism and cultural interest, through a number of agreements with institutions and bus operators in the region, including travel on FGC trains and visits to cultural facilities.

The FGC is currently promoting combined tickets to visit such museums as the Manresa Technical Museum, the Leather Museum and Carter Museum in Igualada, the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia, the Capellades Paper Mill Museum and the Enrajolada Museum and Vicenç Ros Museum in Martorell; architectural sites of great historic value, such as La Pedrera, the Colònia Güell, the New Cemetery in Igualada, Món Sant Benet de Sant Fruitós in Bages and the Prehistoric Park-Abric Romaní archaeological site in Capellades; and also such leisure facilities as Catalonia in Miniature, the CRARC (Catalan Amphibian and Reptile Recovery Centre) in Masquefa, and the L'Alzina School Farm.

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press-clock 17 March 2015