Àlbum image and photography festival at MNACTEC

MNACTEC hosts ‘The New Eves’ exhibition by Ana Becerra

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC) will from 4 November be hosting the exhibition Las nuevas Evas (The New Eves), by Ana Becerra, within the context of the Àlbum image and photography festival. The show will be on display in the coal shed area of the MNACTEC free of charge, by downloading tickets via the festival website.

What is femininity? What is the ideal woman? How have women been represented throughout the history of art, and why? These are some of the questions underlying the work Las nuevas Evas (The New Eves), by artist Ana Becerra.

Over the course of art history, women have been represented from the perspective of the patriarchy. A bias which has favoured the interests of the dominant class, and helped to subjugate women. Within this context, in the Middle Ages we saw the emergence of two feminine archetypes which took on fundamental importance: Eve and Mary. Two ideals born of clerical thinking, serving as the basis to build up a misogynistic dichotomy which has managed to endure to the present day: a woman is either a saint or a sinner.

In the audiovisual work The New Eves, Ana Becerra challenges this representative model of women. Through dreamlike and compelling images she presents women who historically have been presented as sinners. Determined women who dared to challenge the patriarchy or society.

Within the context of the festival, the MNACTEC will also be presenting a display of the winning photographs and others selected from the 2nd MNACTEC Inspira photography competition, held on 14 and 15 October at the former Vapor Aymerich, Amat i Jover factory, to mark the European Heritage Days. The winner of the competition was Francesc Íñiguez, while the finalists were Ruben Mitjavila and Marcel Marsal.

Àlbum Festival

Àlbum, Terrassa's festival of contemporary image and photography, is an eclectic and multifaceted cultural event, presenting projects covering the different genres and formats of contemporary photography and image.

Organised by Terrassa Arts Visuals (Terrassa City Council Cultural Promotion and Dissemination Service), Àlbum aims to become a leading event for contemporary photographic creation across Catalonia, and a springboard for artists with risk-taking, critical projects that explore human relationships in depth, and help to generate knowledge.

press-clock 25 October 2023