Addition of the Gràcia Dorel-Ferré bibliographical archive

This documentary collection specialises in industrial heritage

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia has added the Gràcia Dorel-Ferré Archive to the Jordi Nadal Documentation Centre. This Archive is made up of 332 monographs by this historian, who has focused her research on the industrial heritage of France and Europe. This new archive is a valuable source of information for the expansion of the mNACTEC’s library in this field.

Gràcia Dorel-Ferré has donated a large collection of books, mostly focusing on France and Europe, and examining different fields of study within the context of industrial heritage: an economic vision of industrialisation, industrial heritage in general, industrial architecture, workers’ accommodation, and specific sectors of industry including saltpetre, tobacco, ice wells, mining, agriculture and food, and textiles.

The addition of this archive has been made possible thanks to the personal donation from Gràcia Dorel-Ferré to the mNACTEC, a museum she has often collaborated with as a specialist in industrial heritage, with the publication of books and articles and the organisation of congresses. She recently collaborated with the mNACTEC in the organisation of the International Congress “Worker towns and factory cities”, held in Terrassa in October 2018.

press-clock 11 June 2019