Activities for the Health Consortium users

The MNACTEC is resuming the activities after the Covid-19 suspension

March saw the resumption of guided tours and workshops organised by the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC) for users of various sites of the Terrassa Health Consortium.

These involve first of all guided tours and workshops at the Museum for users of the CST Adult Mental Health Centre (Daycare Hospital), the Community Rehabilitation Services (Terrassa and Rubí), and the Sant Llàtzer Old People's Home. The activities for these groups are staged at the Museum (rather than on CST health consortium premises), as this option offers benefits of various kinds: the inclusion of emotional and experiential aspects; the opportunity to get about outside their usual surroundings, to engage in motivating activities; a greater sense of interest and discovery, and a stronger relationship with their surroundings and peers, and the MNACTEC monitors.

Three activity proposals are currently on offer at the Museum: a visit to the exhibition "40 Years of Firefighters", a journey through the four-decade history of the Catalan Fire Service; a visit to the exhibition "Holding a MIRror up to Space", showing life on board a space station through a life-size model of the former MIR orbital station, and the visit "Textiles", during which visitors learn about industrial wool production at the start of the last century.

Meanwhile, the activities for patients on the Geriatric and Paediatric wards at Terrassa Hospital take place at the hospital itself. In this case the MNACTEC monitors visit the premises

to explain the Museum through a different approach, staging workshops in partnership with the hospital volunteer service.

The workshop organised for Paediatric patients is "Are Bees Robots?", for children aged between 3 and 6, giving them an insight into the world of robotics by playing with a programmable robot in the form of a bee. Geriatric patients, meanwhile, are offered "The Suitcase of Memories", tying in the heritage exhibits held at the Museum with memory and recollections.

The activities offered to these groups are the result of joint efforts by the MNACTEC and the Health Consortium of Terrassa to adapt the visits, activities and educational materials of the Museum for users of the CST's facilities.

press-clock 24 March 2023