• Women, Engine of Revolution

Women, Engine of Revolution

The contribution made by women to activities connected with the automotive sector and the world of motoring

From December, 01 2009 to December, 22 2009

The exhibition helps restore and appreciate the role of women in innovation, the process of leadership and their contribution to the development of the motoring and automotive sector, across a range of activities and operational contexts. "Women, Engine of Revolution" is an exhibition devised as an outpouring of moments, attitudes, skills, capacities, experiences and life stories of women who have contributed and still contribute significantly to the development of activities connected with the world of motoring, and who have progressively helped to break down the stereotypes and barriers facing women in this field.

The exhibition, which comprises 35 graphical and photographic panels, forms a part of the project "Women at the Wheel, Women at Work", in cooperation with the project "Women, Engine of Change" in the Vallès Oriental district. The project promotes attitudes towards equal opportunities at work, in the automotive, transport and logistics sector in Vallès Occidental, where this is a particularly significant activity, in terms of both manufacturing and services. It promotes access, presence and continuation by women in the sector, helping to overcome stereotypes as to the traditional division of labour by gender, while also generating changes in new forms of organising work. It likewise encourages inclusion and self-employment for women, including those already working.

"Women at the Wheel, Women at Work" is an experimental initiative promoted by the consultancy CRIA SL, along into the Promocions Group, partnered with the FSALC (Federation of Worker-Run Public Limited Companies of Catalonia), and subsidised by the Catalan Employment Service through the Innovative Projects programme, and co-funded by the European Social Fund.