The Voice of the Industrial Colonies

An exhibition of some 15 periodical publications printed at various Catalan industrial colonies over the course of the 20th century

From January, 15 2015 to March, 29 2015

"The Voice of the Industrial Colonies" presents some fifteen publications (magazines, brochures and parish newsletters), reflecting a wide range of aspects of the daily life of each colony: religious, moral and professional instruction of workers by the owners the technical and productive evolution of the factory and of the colony, and the demands and social and cultural life of the residents in each settlement (in particular from the 70s onwards).

In addition to periodic publications, "The Voice of the Industrial Colonies" exhibits contextual and bibliographical documentation about the phenomenon of industrial colonies in Catalonia.

The documents presented in the exhibition refer to 11 industrial colonies: Santa Maria – SAPHIL (Ripoll); La Farga de Bebié (Les Llosses); Borgonyà (Sant Vicenç de Torelló); Bonmatí (Sant Julià de Llor); Cal Pons (Puig-Reig); Cal Rosal (Avià); L’Ametlla de Merola (Puig-Reig); Güell (Santa Coloma de Cervelló); Fibracolor (Tordera); Llaudet (Sant Joan de les Abadesses), and La Mata de Pinyana (Alguaire). 

The exhibits on display include in particular originals (and a number of reproductions) of the following publications: Sol Ixent, L'Estel and Periòdic mural, from the Güell Colony (Santa Coloma de Cervelló); Som Petits... from the Borgonyà Colony (Sant Vicenç de Torelló); Revista Cal Pons from the Cal Pons Colony (Puig-Reig); El Brogit de l’Ametlla, from the L’Ametlla de Merola Colony (Puig-Reig); El Crit, from La Farga de Bebié (Les Llosses); SAPHIL (Saphil Terrassa and Santa Maria Colony, Ripoll), along with the parish newsletters of those colonies that had a parish church.