• The Colour of Memories. Photographic cameras over time

The Colour of Memories. Photographic cameras over time

A unique journey through the technological evolution of photography equipment

From May, 23 2007 to June, 10 2007

"The Colour of Memories. Photographic cameras over time" presents the only daguerreotype camera (1839) still preserved in Catalonia. This exhibit, provided by the Royal Academy of Science and Art of Barcelona, is one of the more than 200 cameras included in the exhibition, comprising both loans and items from the mNACTEC photography collection, comprising 1200 cameras. The exhibition provides a journey through the history of the camera, from its use as an instrument only for inventors and experimenters, before becoming a working tool of portrait and landscape photographers, and then gradually finding its way into all our lives.

The exhibition includes gallery, field, box, detective and stereoscopic cameras, in a wide range of formats. The bridge or new concept cameras of the 1980s are a notable feature, along with the early digital photography models. On display are: the only daguerreotype camera preserved in Catalonia, a daguerrienne camera, the first Kodak camera, the first Leica, a Hasselblad camera, the Photo-Cravate hidden camera, concealed in the user's necktie, the Instantograph, a tri-chromatic viewer, the Canon EOS1, the Kodak DCS 100 and the Logitech Fotoman.

There are more than 200 photographic cameras from every era, painstakingly selected from among the extensive mNACTEC collection, and supplemented by contributions from private individuals and institutions, such as the Royal Academy of Science and Art of Barcelona, the Photographic Group of Catalonia, the UPC Image and Multimedia Technology Centre in Terrassa and the companies ARPI, PALM and SONY ESPAÑA.


1. 1839-1871 The first photographic camera
2. 1871-1920 Commercial development and popularisation
3. 1920-1960 Technical advances
4. 1960-1990 Electronic innovations
5. 1990-2007 The digital revolution
6. Camera components