Rural Agents: Guardians of the environment

A timeline through the history, tasks and challenges of the Rural Agents Corps

From December, 15 2023 to February, 11 2024

Organised by the Directorate-General of Rural Agents of the Department of the Interior of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, the exhibition "Rural Agents: Guardians of the environment" aims to explain the work performed by Rural Agents, and to give the general public a closer insight into the Corps.

A sequential timeline of 20 panels, eight audiovisual presentations and a museum section reveal the past, present and future of the Rural Agents Corps. The exhibits begin with the history of the Corps, before exploring in greater depth the different tasks they perform in all spheres, along with the support groups and special groups that assist them in highly specialised operations.

The exhibition likewise highlights the key role played by Rural Agents in matters of environmental awareness-raising and prevention, public service and citizen response, and the challenges that the Corps must overcome in addressing the reality of climate change.

For its visit to the MNACTEC, the exhibition content has been extended with four new panels depicting the role of rural agents in the protection and classification of cultural heritage and the application of new technologies in their daily work.