• Potash in Súria, a hundred years

Potash in Súria, a hundred years

The exhibition focuses on the most important potash deposits in Catalonia and their impact on social evolution

From September, 30 2013 to January, 19 2014

This exhibition, previously on display in Súria to mark the centenary of the discovery, covers the human, urban and social evolution of Súria in connection with the mineral deposit, with a particular emphasis on the integration of new residents who arrived from all around, and the new constructions that were to change the urban layout of the town.

The exhibition aims to go a little further, in order to tell us about the current situation, and above all the future of the company. The element to be stressed here is the fact that, after 100 years of history, the potash mines in Súria continue to operate at full capacity, looking ahead to a future filled with new challenges and opportunities, such as the Phoenix project, which will make Súria and Bages a flagship in global salt exploitation and commercialisation.

In order to take visitors inside the world of the mine, the materials employed clearly evoke industrial reminiscences, such as wood and iron, along with objects and documents on loan from the company itself and a number of private individuals to help understand the narrative, which is rounded off by a screening of the video "The Voices of the Mine", a collection of interviews with different people connected with the mining world.

Meanwhile, those with an interest in the more scientific side of the exhibition will learn how a modern mining operation functions, from the production processes down to work in the mine itself; there is a description of the types of ore extracted; and an insight into the applications that have been given to potash in different sectors, such as agriculture, medicine and transportation, contributing to technological development and improvements in our quality of life.

To coincide with the centenary of the discovery, Súria Local Council, the company Iberpotash and the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) aim to explain the mining and industrial activity focused on the existence of potash in Bages, its history and its ambitious plans for the future.