Optical Illusion is an Optical Reality

Interactive exhibition focusing on sight and individual and collective development

From June, 27 2006 to June, 30 2008

The exhibition analyses and presents the problems of eyesight health globally, and raises possible solutions that could improve access by the population to eye care services. Spectators will come face to face with an installation providing information about the relationship between eyesight health and quality of life.

The presentation reproduces the faulty eyesight caused by such pathologies as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. It likewise refers to the world of cooperation in eyesight health, with a number of panels covering issues concerned with the social responsibility of opticians and optometrists. Three light boxes display figures on global eye health and the repercussions for the development and progress of peoples.

Dedicated to vision and knowledge, it aims to explain vision to spectators as a source of knowledge. 4 microscopes are on hand to allow visitors to view, with different degrees of magnification, an image of microscopic preparations, while the actual sample can also be seen in a jar, accompanied by a photograph magnifying the image by 3,000.