Leonardo da Vinci: the genius and the inventions

The show presents 40 inventions devised by universal genius Leonardo da Vinci

From January, 24 2017 to November, 05 2017

The exhibition presents 40 machines and inventions devised by universal genius Leonardo da Vinci, built on the basis of manuscripts, diagrams, drawings and instructions from Leonardo da Vinci's codices. Some of the devices are full-size and others scale models, but all have been built using materials employed in the era, and in accordance with da Vinci's designs.

The exhibition comprises six areas:

  1. Hands-on interactive machines: a total of 16 exhibits that visitors can operate to combine direct experience of how they function with an explanation of the physical and mechanical principles involved in each of the machines.
  2. Water: da Vinci's machines and inventions, drawn from his codices, and involving the use of water, navigation, flotation, and even life-saving systems.
  3. Air: the famous designs of hinged wings, to simulate the morphology of the wings of a bird. All the machines are accompanied by images of the drawings and calculations performed by da Vinci.
  4. Land: civil engineering mechanisms, such as bridge building, machines to till the fields, and bicycles.
  5. Fire: inventions designed for defence and warfare, including such surprising machines as a moving tank with cannon.
  6. Art: 4 reproductions of da Vinci's most famous paintings.

The exhibition also features 9 holograms, in 6 languages, showing da Vinci's most intriguing works, the machines in motion and the technique employed in painting his artworks. There is also a 3D interactive display presenting the devices in operation, and a virtual tour of the exhibition.

The travelling show has already been staged in Rome, Vienna, Istanbul, Berlin, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The MNACTEC will be the first museum in this country to feature the exhibition.