Industrial Heritage in Sardinia

The aim of the project is to document, list and showcase the industrial heritage of Sardinia

From October, 14 2004 to November, 28 2004

The exhibition is derived from a study for the reappraisal of industrial heritage based on an international cooperation project undertaken jointly by the Università degli Studi di Cagliari in Sardinia and the Universidad Central in Chile. The project has served to bring together researchers, professionals and academics from various institutions and geographical locations in both countries.

The purpose of the project is to document, list and showcase the industrial heritage of Sardinia, and present research projects connected with the island's industrial heritage. The 21 panels on display explore the issues and current state of preservation and appraisal of key industries and production centres connected with mining, the glass industry, thermal electricity generation and water mills, explaining the history of productive processes and industrialisation in Sardinia.

The creation of this industrial heritage project has served to link Chile and Sardinia, countries with a similar concern, industrial tradition and interest in the conservation and reappraisal of industrial heritage. The mNACTEC, in its desire to cooperate with other institutions serving to safeguard industrial heritage, exhibited a few months ago the exhibition "Archaeology and Industrial Heritage in Chile", corresponding to the part of the project dealing with Chilean industrial heritage.