• El Pallars lights up Catalonia 1912-2012

El Pallars lights up Catalonia 1912-2012

A hundred years of hydroelectric power, a hundred years of industrial heritage

From February, 09 2013 to April, 02 2013

A historical and technical exhibition showing how the growth and industrial diversification of Barcelona in Catalonia became possible thanks to the incorporation of technical advances in the production of electricity and the hydroelectric facility at El Pallars.

A visit that takes us back a hundred years in time, to the birth of the first great hydroelectric power plants, by means of documents, photographs and objects. The exhibition is made up of six sections developed by means of display cases containing graphical, textual and audiovisual materials and a number of original exhibits. With two key focuses (a reproduction of the workers' camp and the office of an engineer from the Canadenca company), the contribution made by El Pallars to the industrialisation of Catalonia by means of hydroelectric generation is explained.