• Archaeology and Industrial Heritage in Chile

Archaeology and Industrial Heritage in Chile

30 research projects into industrial heritage in Chile

From April, 01 2004 to May, 02 2004

The exhibition shows how industrial heritage has been embellished through various research initiatives as part of the international cooperation project developed by the Università degli Studi di Cagliari in Sardinia and the Universidad Central in Chile. On display are 30 research initiatives from the two countries with their respective projects, all of them connected with industrial heritage and addressing specific themes. Waterwheels, the wine industry, former saltpetre deposits, cinemas, lighthouses, electric trams, mining, aeronautics and other sectors illustrate more than 200 years of the history of productive processes in the industrialisation of his countries.

Most of the photographs on display were produced by those behind the research projects themselves addressing the industrial heritage of Chile and Sardinia, published in the catalogue "Archaeologia Industriale. Esperienze per la valorizzazione in Cile e in Sardegna”. The staging of this industrial heritage project was made possible by the links between two countries with similar concerns, industrial tradition and interests in the conservation and embellishment of their heritage.

The exhibition forms a part of the 2004 Photographic Spring project, and has been promoted to mark the 20th anniversary of the MNACTEC.