40 Years of SCALEXTRIC

More than 300 objects illustrate four decades of the brand's history in Catalonia

From May, 13 2003 to July, 13 2003

The exhibition presents an important collection of more than 300 objects, including circuits, 184 chronologically ordered cars, accessories, graphical materials and other competition additions. The aim of 40 Years of SCALEXTRIC is to illustrate its four decades of history in Catalonia, with the emphasis on how the different products have evolved over time.

Visitors can make use of a SCALEXTRIC circuit located at the centre of the exhibition to show off their skills.

SCALEXTRIC was presented for the first time here at the Barcelona Trade Fair of 1962, coinciding with the first edition of the Toy Fair. The Catalan firm Exin signed a cooperation agreement with the British company Lines Brothers, although the cars were produced entirely in the United Kingdom. Three years later, SCALEXTRIC began to manufacture its own models here in Catalonia, and in 1966 the SEAT 600 TC was released, the first in a long tradition of racing cars. Ever since then, the fans of this toy have grown in number year by year. In the 1990s the brand suffered a slowdown, before SCALEXTRIC once again made a resurgence towards the end of the decade, having been taken over by the Catalan company TecniToys. TecniToys has not only innovated in the creation of new models and accessories, but has also maintained the essence and tradition of the brand.