The Capdella Hydroelectric Museum, section of the MNACTEC

With this declaration, the MNACTEC now has 7 section museums around Catalonia

The Autonomous Government of Catalonia has, on the initiative of the Minister of Culture, approved the declaration of the Capdella Hydroelectric Museum in Torre de Capdella (Pallars Jussà) as a new section museum of the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC).

Its inclusion was approved by the Museums Board, as provided in Article 23 of Museums Act 17/1990, of 2 November 1990. The legislation establishes that the Museums Board must present a favourable report to the Government, which ultimately has responsibility for agreeing the declaration for a museum, or part of a museum, to become a section of a national museum.

According to the Museums Act, declaration as a section of a national museum has the following consequences: coordination of exhibitions, documentation and outreach with the corresponding national museum; financial support to cover operating expenses; technical and organisational advice; facilitation and support in restoration activities, and support for museum heritage documentation and outreach.

The declaration marks the culmination and recognition of the work conducted by the Capdella Hydroelectric Museum within the MNACTEC Territorial Museum Structure, as a national flagship in the sector of industry, technology and scientific progress connected with electricity, and hydroelectric energy generation. The MNACTEC Territorial Structure is a network of 27 museum and heritage sites explaining the industrialisation of Catalonia through their collections, their exhibitions, and the in situ museum presentation of the different production activities which have existed there.

The declaration as a section museum of the MNACTEC recognises the work of the Capdella Hydroelectric Museum as a prominent cultural and heritage management centre in its region, including such other notable heritage sites as the Cardboard Hospital, and also within Catalonia's museum and heritage sphere as a whole. The decision likewise highlights its role as a leading, innovative establishment in the field of conservation, research, outreach and showcasing of scientific and technical heritage exhibits, and in particular, cultural heritage linked to the process of national electrification. It furthermore emphasises its social ties and commitment.

Aside from the required favourable reports from Torre de Capdella Local Authority, the MNACTEC, the Museums Board of Catalonia and the Governing Council of the MNACTEC, the proposal was also supported by such other institutions as the Lleida Provincial Authority, the Lleida Studies Institute, Lleida University, Geoparc Orígens, the Alt Pirineu & Aran Development Institute and the Valls d’Àneu Ecomuseum.

Following the declaration, the MNACTEC now has seven section museums: the Capellades Paper Mill Museum, the Igualada Leather Museum, the Cork Museum of Catalonia (Palafrugell), the Cercs Mines Museum, the Castelló d’Empúries Flour Mill Ecomuseum, the River Ter Museum (Manlleu) and the Capdella Hydroelectric Museum.

press-clock 6 December 2022