Street Museum project inventories 1,800 elements

The citizen participation phase of the project has ended

The Street Museum project, promoted by the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC), has closed the citizen participation phase in which users were given the chance to send photographs and information about distinctive elements of industrial society to be found around the streets and landscapes of Catalonia.

Since the project was set up in November 2017, 1,798 elements have been added, thanks to the participation of 273 contributors. Involvement in the project has spread all around Catalonia, with the inclusion of elements in every Catalan district.

The project brings together elements in five thematic fields: transport and communications; advertising and information; trade; leisure, and applied sciences. These elements range from former highway routes, old petrol stations, advertising signs and traditional retailers, to industrial corporate identification elements, public service signage, elements of railway heritage and others with scientific and technological purposes, located on public thoroughfares.

New phase

Once this initial participation phase has ended, the MNACTEC plans to extend the research in the different spheres that make up the project, and to produce an extensive exhibition of the most notable heritage elements identified and located over the course of these citizen participation efforts.

There are likewise plans to produce documentaries about this aspect of industrial society, and to draw up a protection and conservation proposal for the most distinctive and prominent elements within the project.

press-clock 6 October 2023