Statement by the management of the mNACTEC

Regarding the events occurred in Catalonia on 20 september 2017

In light of the serious events that have occurred in Catalonia over recent days, and more particularly today, wholly undermining the most basic democratic guarantees of the rule of law and individual freedoms of opinion, communication, assembly, expression, etc., giving rise in effect to a state of exception, the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) declares:

1 - Its full support for the public institutions of Catalonia which, having been democratically chosen by the popular will of our citizens, exercise and guarantee basic and fundamental personal rights.

2 - Its explicit and specific support for the President of Catalonia, his Government and the Parliament of Catalonia, the only legal representatives of the majority will of the country, and the defenders of the survival of our centuries-long existence as a people and as a nation.  

3 - The mNACTEC, which was founded by the Culture Department of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, on which it is structurally and administratively dependent, acknowledges, as it always has, that said Department and the Government of Catalonia are the sole and exclusive valid interlocutors in the daily functioning and organisation of the mNACTEC and in the application of its directives, regulations and legally approved Catalan legislation, reiterating this reality if anything with greater emphasis and determination today and for the future.

4 – The mNACTEC will remain true to its commitment to the culture, heritage, history and national rights of Catalonia, while reiterating its commitment to the defence of the country, of democracy, of freedom of expression and the right to self-determination, condemning without any exception or proviso any action that could prevent said rights from being fully exercised.


Jaume Perarnau i Llorens



Terrassa, 20 September 2017


press-clock 20 September 2017