New project: 'The Sounds of Industry'

The website retrieves the sound and acoustic heritage of 25 industrial sites

The Territorial Structure of the National Science and Technology Museum Catalonia (MNACTEC) and the art collective Patrimoni Acústic present the project The Sounds of Industry , with the aim of preserving the sound and acoustic heritage of industrialised sites in Catalonia.

This is an online archive retrieving the sound landscapes of the processes of industrialisation in Catalonia, through a recording of the current sounds of different machines and spaces at 24 museums and sites belonging to the MNACTEC Territorial Structure.

The website allows users to browse the 24 museums, discovering the acoustic and sound heritage of each. The sound heritage section features the sounds associated with tools, machinery and industrial objects at each museum, recorded with different types of microphone. In the acoustic heritage section, users can hear how their own voice sounds in different spaces at each site.

The project is an initiative by the Patrimoni Acústic collective in partnership with the MNACTEC Territorial Structure, a network of 26 museum and heritage sites explaining the industrialisation of Catalonia in situ through their collections, exhibitions and museum displays.

Patrimoni Acústic is a group of culture and arts professionals with an interest in reinforcing acoustic and sound heritage. Its members are the acoustic engineer Emilio Marx; sound artist, poet and film-maker Ginebra Raventós de Volart; architect and sound artist Mathias Klenner, and sound artist and web programmer Paolo Carretero.

press-clock 9 June 2023