mNACTEC receives 107,000 visitors in 2018

The number of visitors to mNACTEC has remained above 100,000 in the last four years

In 2018, the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) welcomed 107,022 visitors to its central branch in Terrassa. Of these, 47.7% were individual visitors, 50.6% school visitors and the remaining 1.6% was made up of other types of visitors. This is the fourth year in a row in the history of mNACTEC that visitor numbers remain above 100,000.

Despite these high figures, the number of visitors decreased by 17% compared with 2017, which was an exceptional year given the popularity of the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: the genius and his inventions”. This reduction in visitors can also be attributed to the fact that the Gathering for LEGO enthusiasts, which is usually very popular with the public, was not held in 2018. Leaving aside the special nature of 2017, the total number of visitors for 2018 is higher than that of 2016, with 105,602 visitors recorded.

Visitors by branch

In 2018 the total number of visitors to the central museum in Terrassa and the three branches of mNACTEC (Castellar de n'Hug Asland Cement Museum, Museum of the Sedó Colony in Esparreguera and Palau Forge in Ripoll) was 124,258. The overall number fell by 15% in 2018 compared to 2017, mostly due to the reduction in visitors to the central headquarters.

The number of visitors for each branch over the last 4 years is as follows:






 mNACTEC - Terrassa





 Museu del Ciment Asland de Castellar de n'Hug





 Museu de la Colònia Sedó d'Esparreguera





 Farga Palau de Ripoll





 Total mNACTEC+3 sedes





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