Inauguration of the new arts exhibition space ESPAId’ARTS

ESPAId’ARTS explores the links between science, technology and the arts

The mNACTEC has opened its exhibition “Metamètode. Dialogues between Art and Science" at the mNACTEC. The exhibition marks the mNACTEC's inauguration of its new exhibition space ESPAId’ARTS, dedicated to synergies between the sciences and arts.

With the inauguration of the new ESPAId’ARTS exhibition space, the mNACTEC aims to explore the multidisciplinary links between the sciences, technologies and arts. ESPAId’ARTS, located alongside the mNACTEC atrium, aims to serve as a meeting point for the arts and sciences, inviting visitors to reflect on these disciplines, seen here as complementary tools in understanding and interpreting our surroundings.

The exhibition shows the results of a series of meetings, dialogues and collaborations between artists and scientists within the context of the research project “MetaMètode: Shared methodologies and artistic processes in the knowledge society" conducted by the Imarte research group at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona University.

The exhibition features nine works by thirteen artists addressing issues affecting our way of life from different perspectives. The artists behind the works on display in the exhibition are Eugènia Agustí, Jordi Bielsa, Luz Broto, Mercè Casanovas, Josefina de López, Jo Milne, Aleix Molet, Cristina Pastó, Eloi Puig, Marta San Gregorio, Anja Steidinger, Alicia Vela and Antònia Vilà.

press-clock 17 March 2016