Exhibition: "Medication in Catalonia"

Presenting the scientific and technological evolution seen in medicinal manufacturing

The National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC) has launched the exhibition "Medicines in Catalonia. Enterprise, science and innovation for health". The presentation, on display in the Made in Catalonia area at the MNACTEC, explains the scientific and technological evolution that medicinal manufacturing has undergone in Catalonia.

"Medication in Catalonia. Enterprise, science and innovation for health" takes us on a journey from the first types of medication in pre-industrial Catalonia down to the modern pharmaceutical industry and natural consumer healthcare, a new nature-based model which has emerged in recent years.

It features exhibits from different eras which have contributed to the evolution and development of Catalonia's pharmaceutical industry and medicines, including such

notable items as: a still from 1870, belonging to the laboratories of Dr Andreu and which forms part of the MNACTEC collection of scientific instruments, and a handwritten accounting ledger dating from 1783, owned by the Uriach Foundation.

The exhibition is a joint production by the MNACTEC and the Uriach Foundation, and forms part of the MNACTEC's strategic vision in explaining the past, while linking it to the present and the possible future.

press-clock 19 April 2022