Compilation of documents about the Catllaràs coal mines

Museum adds unpublished documents about mining operations

The National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC) has added a major compilation of documents to its Jordi Nadal Documentation Centre, covering the former coal mines in the Catllaràs mountains in Bergeudà between the 18th and 20th centuries. The MNACTEC's acquisition of the material comes courtesy of a donation by Josep Maria Coll, the author of a comprehensive research project which allowed him to compile the documentation.

These are unpublished papers concerning operations at the Catllaràs coal mines, in particular during the period when they were operated and managed by the Asland company (1900-1932), to provide coal for its Clot del Moro cement factory in Castellar de n’Hug.

press-clock 7 September 2022