Cement Museum presents strategic projects

Future investments include plans for the second phase of consolidation of the factory

The Castellar de n’ Hug Cement Museum yesterday, 10 March, staged an institutional visit and meeting to review the projects and investments conducted over the past two years, and to present the future projects and forthcoming investments to be made in order to continue the work performed, and to consolidate one of the most significant and ambitious heritage, cultural and tourism projects in the Berguedà district.

Consolidation of the former Asland factory in Castellar de n’Hug

Consolidation work on the former factory, promoted by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia through INCASÒL (the Catalan Land Institute) has served to arrest the process of degradation suffered by the existing structures, in particular the upper section of the complex, with widespread removal of rubble from the collapsed structures which affected various areas.

The initiative, promoted and financed by the Catalan Cultural Heritage Agency of the Department of Culture, which commissioned INCASÒL to perform the work, cost 700,000 euros.

Future investments to consolidate the heritage, cultural and tourism project

Almost a million euros will be assigned to the second phase of the work to consolidate the structure of the building.

In parallel, a strategic plan is being developed for a heritage route around the Clot del Moro factory town complex, as well as designs to extend the leisure area.

press-clock 11 March 2022