Els jardins de la industrialització al Ter

This work investigates a field which has not been studied much until now, that of the gardens created around the industrial colonies of the river Ter

By Pere Casas Trabal, Jordi Cirera Bach, Carles García Hermosilla, Jordi Grané Casellas, Joan Molera González, Manel Vicente Espliguero. Edited by MNACTEC and Rafael Dalmau, 2019.

This book further examines our industrial history with a new focus of interest: gardens. In the industrial complexes on the banks of the river Ter we discover a large set of gardens and urban greenery, as well as floodgates, canals, factories, blocks of workers’ accommodation and bourgeois homes. The businessmen and investors who began their industrial adventures by the Ter did not see these spaces as being exclusively for production. They promoted a symbolic occupation of the territory. And it is the great importance of these gardens in this occupation which has barely been studied. 

The gardens of the industrialisation of the Ter provides an analysis of the cultural and historical contexts for the proliferation of gardens in these industrial complexes.