Eix 6

Central feature dedicated to sports, industry and modernity

Issue six of Eix magazine is dedicating its central feature to sports, industry and modernity. It includes an interview with Francesc Cabana, a lawyer with extensive research experience in business and industrial history, and a visit to Cercs Mining Museum with journalist Xavi Rosiñol.

This issue includes articles on La Ricarda farm, owned by the Bertrand family; the creation of the metre as a universal measurement unit; Rec.0, a project combining industrial heritage, architecture, history, urbanism and fashion in the Rec district of Igualada; Banya lighthouse in Tarragona; La Baells reservoir, a major feat of hydraulic engineering; the history of Cadí Cooperative and the Museum of Technology of l’Empordà. A tourist route around industrial Anoia and another through Warsaw, a symbol of the resistance and birthplace of science, are also included.