Eix 4

Central dossier devoted to the revolutionary social impact of electrification in Catalonia

The main feature of the magazine, The light that changed our lives, examines the revolutionary social impact of electrification in Catalonia. The new issue also includes an interview with Eusebi Casanelles, industrial heritage expert and director of the mNACTEC from 1983 to 2013, and a visit to the Roca Umbert Thermal Power Plant alongside chef Ada Parellada. The section The discovery is dedicated to the history of the Lehmann doll factory Lehmann in Barcelona.

Issue 4 of Eix includes an article dedicated to the coverage by journalist Irene Polo of the mining conflict in Sallent in 1933, as well as an article on the new MNACTEC participatory project of the Museum on the streets which aims to provide an inventory of the industrial society found in the streets and landscapes of Catalonia.

The publication also presents a tourist route around the industrial heritage of Andorra and an itinerary to discover the mechanization of the Catalan countryside through the Cal Trepat Museum of Agricultural Mechanization, the Museum of Oil of Catalonia in Granadella, and the Balanyà Distillery in Espluga de Francolí.

The fourth issue of the magazine is completed with pieces on the droughts in Pinyana and Fontanet, the centenary of the company Pintures Titan and the Oliver Rodés collection of water bottles.