Victoriano Muñoz Oms. Man and Territory

The importance of human values in the field of engineering

From March, 31 2004 to May, 02 2004

The exhibition has been staged within the context of the Victoriano Muñoz Oms Chair at the Catalan Technical University, one of its main aims being to publicise the importance of human values in the field of engineering.It showcases the life and work of Victoriano Muñoz Oms (1900 – 2000), a highways, canals and ports engineer, in every aspect: technical, territorial, human, diverse, intensive and extensive. At all times through the statements of an outstanding witness, the man himself, thanks to the huge quantity of material surrounding him.

The Victoriano Muñoz Oms Chair of Human Values in Engineering provides the context for the staging of training, research, knowledge transfer, dissemination and educational activities featuring both the figure and works of Victoriano Muñoz Oms, and the values he represented. The mission of the exhibition is to serve as a catalyst in the university world and in society in general, allowing for the realisation of the goals of the Chair in a fully satisfactory manner, while also promoting and embracing new social initiatives.

The sponsors of the enterprise chair are the UPC and FECSA ENDESA.


1. The key projects undertaken by Victoriano Muñoz Oms: General Plan of Public Works for Catalonia, foundation of the National Hydroelectric Company of the Ribagorzana (ENHER), among others.

2. The human, social and campaigning aspect of Victoriano Muñoz Oms and his impact on society, beyond engineering works themselves. Represented by a timeline illustrating social events on the one hand and the life and work of Victoriano Muñoz Oms on the other, over the course of the unknown 20th century.

3. Even here… Don Victoriano.  The immensity of the work of Victoriano Muñoz Oms: a deeper exploration of projects undertaken in each specific territorial context. This is a consolidated area for growth containing new and more specific studies of parts of the document holdings.