The Aerospace Sector in Catalonia. Yesterday and Today

A photographic journey through the history of the aerospace sector in this country

From April, 07 2005 to May, 29 2005

The display, organised by the CIDEM, aims to provide a historical reflection on the evolution of the aerospace sector in Catalonia, which by the early 20th century already accounted for a significant proportion within Spain, and has now become one of the key driving forces behind economic progress.

The exhibition includes a model of the BLERIOT XI aircraft, built to a 1:10 scale, that completed "the first documented flight" in 1910 at the Can Tunis racetrack in Barcelona, the exhibit having been loaned by the Aeronautical Park of Catalonia Foundation, as well as two aircraft engines: an Elizalde and a Hispano Suiza from the aeronautical collection of the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia.


1 - History of aviation in Catalonia and precursors

2 - Companies and the aeronautical and space industry

3 - Catalyst agents and the network of associations and organisations promoting the aeronautical sector

4 - Universities and R&D