Exhibition of diesel engine injection pumps

From November, 10 2009 to December, 13 2009

DELPHI exhibits a collection of injection pumps for diesel engines and injectors, tracing the history of the company from its origins, in 1959, up to the present day, in other words from the first pump model dating back to 1961, when the first in-line pump was designed for agricultural and commercial applications (tractors and vans), through the mechanical DPA pumps manufactured from the 1960s onwards for agricultural applications and cars, down to the DPC pumps manufactured between 1992 and 2002, used firstly for cars, and finally, the current more innovative Common Rail pump models.

Innovation is vital to DELPHI for the survival of the organisation, and it is today a pioneering company in the continued enhancement of its products through what is called "incremental innovation". This type of innovation is based on observation of the performance of the product, the process, analysis and the permanent pursuit of options for improvement, all of this the consequence of 50 years of history and suggestions gathered from organisations, clients, suppliers and universities, that has allowed for an exchange of enriching knowledge and experiences.

DELPHI is one of the companies present in the "Connect with INNOVATION" project organised by the mNACTEC in collaboration with the Leitat Technology Centre and the Technical University of Catalonia, and with the participation of the El Vallès Technology Park, EnginCAT and Terrassa City Council, through the Executive Councillor for Universities and the Knowledge Society.