DANGER! Saved by technology

A major 1,000 m² exhibition which shows how technology helps us in the prevention of risks, accidents and disasters

From October, 31 2018 to June, 30 2019

Since Antiquity humankind has been subjected to different types of danger, from natural catastrophes to accidents caused by human activity. “DANGER! Saved by technology” is a major 1,000 m² exhibition which shows how technology helps us in to prevent risks, accidents and disasters.

The aim of this exhibition is to promote the technological mechanisms, attitudes and advances in the field of risk prevention, through interactive installations, models, historical objects and audiovisual material. Understanding the mistakes made in the past helps us to prevent or minimize risks in the present.

The sections in the exhibition are:

  1. Natural disasters

  2. Fires

  3. The human factor

  4. Industrial disasters

  5. Transport

In each section the visitors can find out about the risks of disaster in the area, examples of specific incidents worldwide with media impact and the technology which can be used to prevent or minimize the risk of these disasters.

The exhibition includes real objects, simulators, models and interactive installations to get first-hand experience of the different prevention mechanisms: an earthquake simulator; a training gyroscope for pilots and astronauts; an exact reproduction of the Fénix 2 capsule used to rescue the Chile miners; an accident simulator to check safety conditions in vehicles; a rescue robot; a seismograph, etc.

The exhibition “DANGER! Saved by technology” is the result of a collaboration between the Granada Science Park, the DASA Working World Museum in Dortmund and the MNACTEC.

For more information visit the web of the exhibition.