• Another Viewpoint

Another Viewpoint

Offering another viewpoint of the phenomenon of migration and emphasising the importance of peaceful coexistence among different cultures

From November, 17 2009 to January, 17 2010

The Red Cross present at the mNACTEC Another Viewpoint, intended for both the local and foreign population, with the aim of fostering mutual understanding so as to facilitate peaceful coexistence and communication, while aiming to achieve an emotional impact through images.

The contents of the exhibition have been created on the basis of the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality espoused by the institution, with the aim of offering "another viewpoint" on the phenomenon of migration. The intention is to convey a message free of connotations and stereotypes, from a perspective of normalisation, accepting migration as a fact of life that is a universal human right. It is based on the common trait that characterises all of us: we are human beings, irrespective of where we come from; feelings, family, the pursuit of a better future is a common denominator of human beings, which we can all recognise in ourselves.