• Adéu soroll! / Goodbye noise!

Adéu soroll! / Goodbye noise!

The exhibition "Goodbye noise!" has the aim of raising public awareness about noise pollution, how it affects people's quality of life and how it can be combated

From October, 06 2015 to November, 29 2015

The exhibition has been produced by the Barcelona Provincial Authority in partnership with Terrassa City Council, with a structure divided into three conceptual sections:

1. Introduction

This provides an insight into the main pollutant contexts, and the importance of collective action to combat pollution.

2. The letters SOROLL

Using the letters of the word "noise" in Catalan, SOROLL, this section contains information about sound and its characteristics, as well as auditory perception:

S     Distinction between sound and noise

O     The characteristics of sound (frequency, intensity, pure sound and timbre)

R     Auditory physiology: noise and health

O     The intensity of sound. Scale of intensities

L      Sounds and vibration

L      Interference, diffraction and resonance

3. The fight against pollution

This is subdivided into two sections: "Sound transmission. Acoustic barriers and installation", focused on ways to attenuate the transmission of sound, while "Noise control and noise pollution. Current legislation. Sound maps" highlights the respective roles of the general public and public authorities in controlling noise and combating noise pollution.