Google Arts & Culture

The mNACTEC presents 3 exhibitions, 200 items from the collections and a virtual tour

The mNACTEC is showcasing some of its store of heritage via Google Arts & Culture, an online platform allowing visitors to go on a virtual tour of museum collections. 200 items from the mNACTEC collections are on display, 13 of them in gigaphoto format (very high resolution photographs). The gigaphotos feature a Telesincro ferrite core memory unit (1960), a section of undersea electric cable (1940), a stone disc (1930) and other exhibits. The images obtained server to reveal spectacular and surprising details of each of these items.

The mNACTEC also has three virtual exhibitions on view via Google Arts & Culture:

  • “Viva Montesa”: a selection of exhibits from the most complete Montesa motorcycle collection in the world.
  • “Daguerreotypes from the mNACTEC”: travel back to the earliest days of photography courtesy of one of the most important daguerreotype collections in Spain.
  • “Fons Catalana de Gas y Electricidad (1913-1929)”: a graphical record of the construction of the first hydroelectric power plants in the valley of the River Ésera.
  • Lastly, the platform includes a virtual visit of the Museum using the GoogleMaps StreetView system, allowing visitors to take a remote tour around the exhibitions and displays on show at the mNACTEC.

Click here to access the mNACTEC section on the Google Arts & Culture platform.