Non-book materials

Documents such as DVDs, CD-ROMs, loose sheets, postcards or posters may be found here

The MNACTEC library has highly valuable holdings given their specialist content in the fields of Industrial Heritage and the History of Science and Technology. As regards the content or formats of the documents, they cover a wide range, classified in 3 sections: monographs, journals and non-book materials.

Non-book materials are distinguished in the topographical signature by means of the abbreviations according to the formats represented, followed by the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) number ordering the subjects hierarchically.

a. DVD 
b. CD-ROM 
c. VHS 
d. F: Loose sheets and flyers, leaflets
e. NBM 
    i.    Postcards 
    ii.   Posters 
    iii.   Calendars
    iv.    Stamps
    v.     Share certificates
    vi.    Loose sheets, leaflets…
    vii.   Graphical documentation 
    viii.  Labels
    ix.   Drawings 
    x.    Photographs 
    xi.   Engravings
    xii.  Cartographic materials
    xiii.  .... 

Other non-book materials include Fact Collations: these documents are produced by the library, set out in dossiers. There are press articles, print-offs of reputed online documents, etc.


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