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  • Berguedana Spinning machine

    Berguedana Spinning machine

    Inventory number: 7995
    Date: Last quarter of the 18th century
    Geographical location: Berga (Catalonia)
    Dimensions: 230 x 220 x 175 cm

    The Berguedana spinning machine was made up of a pinewood structure – gàbia – which occupied a space 1.80 metres long, varying in width depending on the number of spindles. In this case it has 42 bobbins. The Berguedana was operated by a single person who stood between the platforms and in front of the carriage.

    This machine for spinning cotton was used in Catalonia until the late 18th century. This manual machine was built around 1790 by the brothers Ramon and Josep Farguell, carpenters from Berga, and introduced improvements to the early models of Hargreavers spinning machines.

    The object kept in the museum is a replica.