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  • Ericsson desktop telephone

    Ericsson desktop telephone

    Record number: 1846
    Date: 1885
    Geographical specifications: Switzerland
    Dimensions: 31 x 28 x 14 cm

    Desktop telephone sitting on four feet. There are two silver-plated bells at the base. A central metal box contains the axle of the toothed wheel attached to the handle, from which run the green plaited cords leading to the earpiece microphone, and another emerging to one side, leading to a circular black resin box. On top of the transmission box is a raised part in the form of a bell, ending in a moulded hook and balls, divided into two symmetrical halves, in silver and gilt metal, ending in two hooks used to hold the handset. This is long, with a black, ribbed handle, a silver and black receiver and a silver microphone with a black trumpet.