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  • Bull General Electric console, model 415

    Bull General Electric console, model 415

    Record number: 3288
    Date: 1965

    The console comprised two tables with the typewriter and control panel.

    The patents registered in Norway for the tabulators created by Fredrik Rosen Bull in 1919, following numerous transfers of ownership and country, provided the basis for the founding of the French company BULL in 1931. The company was fairly successful in the field of tabulator machines and the first European computers.

    In the 1960s this was a fundamental element of the "Plan Calcul" promoted by President DeGaulle. In 1964 it was taken over by the US firm General Electric, which still maintains the trademark. It was subsequently the object of numerous transfers and partnerships.

    This machine forms a part of a GE-BULL module apparently installed in Barcelona at the company SERESCO in 1965.