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  • Blickensderfer typewriter/ Model number 7

    Blickensderfer typewriter/ Model number 7

    Record number: 7383
    Date: 1897
    Dimensions: 16.7 x 33.5 x 28.5 cm
    Weight: 5.1 kg

    Blickensderfer portable typewriter, model number 7. Small in size, it has a 3-row keyboard with black keys and a central wheel in front of the carriage, containing the type and the ink, which when the desired key is pressed rotates and prints the text. It is mounted on a wooden board which is also the base of the wooden box used to carry it.

    George C. Blickensderfer (1850-1917) began designing the typewriters bearing his name in 1893. The key characteristic of the Blickensdefer was its portability, lightness (with just 250 parts), ease of transportation and easily affordable price. The design of the keyboard was based essentially on positioning the most commonly used letters on the lowest row (Dhiatensor) to increase efficiency. The type was positioned on a central wheel, in front of the carriage, which rotated depending on the letter pressed.