Household appliances

  • Gas iron heater

    Gas iron heater

    Record number: 10423
    Date: 19th-20th century
    Dimensions: 15 x 28 x 29.5 cm

    Gas iron heater, made from a cast iron. It has space to heat two irons at the same time. Engraved on the top with the number 38. A crest can be seen in relief, with a lion rampant, and on each side the letters M & D Sota Bte. At the rear there are two brass gas taps. Below the space holding the irons are perforated tubes carrying the gas flame to heat the iron. It rests on a four-footed support, likewise made from cast iron in one single piece. Inside, behind the heaters, are the inscriptions 32 and Bte. The taps are connected by a handle, also made of brass, for ease of transportation.