Augmented Terrassa App

Journey to industrial and modernist Terrassa via your mobile

With the slogan Position Yourself and Travel in Time, the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) and Terrassa City Council are promoting Augmented Terrassa, the new application for mobiles and tablets providing an insight into the industrial and modernist past of Terrassa through a self-guided itinerary. The application invites users to take a tour of the city's key landmarks (such as the Vapor Aymerich, Amat i Jover and the Masia Freixa) alongside some lesser known elements of its heritage, like the Cases de Cal Maurí.

The application has been developed by the audiovisual Unit of the i2cat Foundation, a technology centre promoting R&D+i activities in the field of ICT and the Internet of the Future. Mercè López, i2CAT Project Coordinator, emphasises that augmented reality "allows users to view the real and virtual worlds in real time, superimposing historical photographs of the landmark buildings of industrial Terrassa". To envisage what the buildings looked like in the past, users simply need to stand on the markers positioned on the ground in front of each point of interest.

In addition to augmented reality, each point along the itinerary has multimedia content available: audio, photographs and videos intended for all those wishing to learn a little more about the industrial and modernist past of Terrassa, in a fun and entertaining way. Augmented Terrassa forms a part of CreativeCH, a European project co-funded by the European Commission (FP7), strengthening cooperation and mutual innovation among institutions in the fields of digital cultural heritage, science and technology, as well as cultural and creative industries. The project places a particular emphasis on active participation by young people, and so as to optimise the user experience, Augmented Terrassa draws on the cooperation of students at the Institut Torre del Palau high school, who made suggestions to improve the application after testing out a beta version by touring the different points on the itinerary.

Download the app for Android via your mobile here

Download the app for iOS via your mobile here