• Aymerich Fábrica de Automoviles (AFA) automobile

    Record number:11363
    Date: 1943
    Geographical specifications:Barcelona (Catalonia)
    Form of acquisition: purchase
    Dimensions: 135 x 268 cm

    Prototype convertible two-seater with two hinged doors, a front-mounted four-cylinder, four-stroke 527 cc engine developing 13 hp at 3500 rpm, with four gears. Diameter 52.0; Travel 62.0, and cylinder head valves. All the components were produced domestically. It could attain a maximum speed of 85 km/h and consumed around 5.82 litres per 100 km.

  • Montesa Sprint motorcycle

    Record number:13062
    ​Date: 1956
    Geographical specifications: Barcelona (Catalonia)
    Form of acquisition: deposit
    Dimensions: 106 x 50 x 173 cm

    Montesa Sprint motorcycle; red with a black chassis and windshield with golden edging. This is a single-seater competition motorcycle with a single cylinder two-stroke engine mounted on the chassis (beneath the fuel tank). It has 6 gears, with a foot-operated gear change lever on the right-hand side. The starter pedal is on the right, and it has suspension on both wheels, tele-hydraulic at the front, and spring-adjustable friction dampers at the rear. The windshield, which also covers a part of the rider's arms, is mounted on the handlebars, and there are three round, white spaces (to indicate the race number): 2 on the side to 1 at the front. The seat is black and elongated.

    It competed in international Grands Prix, such as the Isle of Man race in 1956.

  • Model ship

    Record number: 1997
    Date: 1929
    Form of acquisition: purchase

    Model steamship, painted red and black, with a rotating gold propeller. Marking: Garay & Gisbert. The ship is cross-sectioned; only the stern section can be seen. At the bow end there is a large coal boiler with a smokestack. In the middle is the steam combustion engine with vertical pistons to power the ship. A system of axles, gears, wheels, valves and pistons transmitted the steam throughout,driving the pistons and operating the propeller shaft.It operates at 125 V. The structure is made from walnut-coloured wood. In the form of a fronted board.

    Before arriving at the Museum, this model was displayed in the shop window of maritime supplier on Passeig de Colom in Barcelona. It was, though, originally made for the Universal Exposition staged in Barcelona in 1929, where it was displayed.

  • Despertaferro solar-powered car

    Record number:9016
    Date: 1998
    Geographical specifications: Barcelona
    Form of acquisition: deposit
    Dimensions: 103 x 230 x 605 cm
    Weight: 240 kg

    The first solar electric vehicle built in Spain in accordance with the Australian regulations for solar vehicle competitions. Most of the upper surface is occupied by eight square metres of solar panels, allowing it to generate 2300 W from sunlight. It has three wheels: two steered at the front, with superimposed trapezium suspension, and a wheel supported on a swingarm at the rear. The chassis and bodywork are made from carbon fibre and nomex honeycomb, while the mechanical parts are aluminium. The tyres are low drag. 

  • Planador Schneider SG 38 "Schulgleiter"

    Número de registre: 5194
    Datació: 1938
    Forma d’ingrés: dipòsit
    Dimensions: 225 x 1040 x 628 cm

    Planador monoplaca format per dues ales de grans dimensions unides lateralment a un cos central de fusta on s'hi situa el seient del pilot i els pedals de control. Sota del seient del pilot hi ha el patí d'aterratge. A la part posterior hi ha l'aleró de direcció. Tot el conjunt és fet en fusta i unit per tirants metàl·lics. Les ales són de marqueteria recobertes per tela blanca.

  • Motocicleta Villalbí

    Número de registre:  10559
    Datació: 1904
    Forma d'ingrés: dipòsit
    Dimensions: 98 x 54 x 192 cm

    Disposa d’un motor monocilíndric de quatre temps amb vàlvules oposades d’admissió automàtica amb una carrera llarga de 78 x 90 mm, equivalents a 429,83 cc.. L’encesa es realitzava per pila i bobina, el carburador disposava de comandaments separats pel gas i l’aire, la transmissió es realitzava per corretja trapezoïdal sense canvi de marxes i amb pedals per ajudar-se en les pujades. A la part superior del dipòsit de combustible es troben tres petites claus per regular l’avenç de la guspira, del gas i de l’aire. En el manillar s’ubicaven el comandament del descompressor i el sistema de contacte que funcionava girant el puny tal com ho fan a les motocicletes actuals.

  • Montesa Impala "Lucharniega"

    Núm. de registre:  13054
    Datació: 1962
    Forma d’ingrés: dipòsit
    Dimensions: 97 x 59,5 x 195 cm

    Prototip de motocicleta Montesa Impala anomenada Lucharniega de color vermell. Es tracta d'una motocicleta biplaça amb el motor monocilíndric de 2 temps ubicat al xassís de monocuna simple (sota el dipòsit). Disposa de  4 velocitats en cascada i el canvi de marxes s'ubica en una palanca de peu al costat dret. El pedal arrencador es troba també en el costat dret i la suspensió es troba en ambdues rodes, davant telehidràulica i darrere de doble efecte. El far és cilíndric. 

    Va participar en l'operació Impala a l'Àfrica.